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When I bought my garden I planted a Norwegian climbing rose called Emilie. Se has really gorgeous flowers, but loads of thorns. Since that first year she hasn’t flowered at all, just grey leaves with greenflies (Aphidoidea). And that I must confess is completely my fault!

She is standing head to heals in grass.
So now that I had the time and energy I finally got around to weed it out!

I used my edging knife to cut out a good and big cirkular bedding around my roses and trees.

I gave the plants a good mulch and some fertilizer.

This is my beautiful Emilie trying to survive!

After a big fight and some thorns in my hands, this is probably much better for her! Now its just to keep it this way 🙂

This is one of my favorite tools in my shed! I love that it doesn't cut of the deeper rose roots.

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