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Normally I sow my tomato seeds in late February or early March, and normally they get looong and leggy. The stems get pale and they finally don’t produce much of anything.
The first three years I had about 60 tomatoes each year, but the last two, I have had fewer and fewer. Also due to the poor summers we have had.

So this year I decided to wait until the end of March, and just a week ago I sowed them (Sungold x 20 seeds), placing them in my warm bathroom window sill. And they germinated and grow good and chubby in just a few days.
This time I will keep them cool and light, and make them give me loads of delicious small yellow sweet tomatoes!


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Prickeling my tomatoes

I finally have prickeled my tomatoes. They have all now moved to clean teracotta pots. I now have 12 plants of Sungold, 8 Moneymaker, 6 Gardeners Delight and 2 Black Russian. Happy days! Just hoping for a dry varm summer!

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