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Say hallo to my gracious Agapanthus. She is flowering now, a bit odd timing, but better than when she flowered this Christmas. 🙂 She is in the family with Amaryllis which is a Christmas flower, so that might be why she seems a bit confused.  I won´t be fuzzy, she can flower when she like on my account!
I might choose to move her from the greenhouse onto my kitchen table, just to let her shine!


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Hot houses!

20120327-100036.jpgir really is time to get my plants out of the now very warm planteoom in my basement and i to the greenhouse!
I just started it this weekend and I am still a bit worried about the temperature.
I have installed an oven so the nights are good I think. It is the warm sun I am worried about. Even with the roof window wide open the tenperature goes very high during the day. But when I am off to work in the morning it is almost freezing out…
Frustrating! I hope I get better at this!


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Sssshhhhh, the plants in my greenhouse does not know its autumn. I have persuaded them to think its late june! 🙂

A month ago I finally got my greenhouse up and running. Not an ideal time of year, and even though people said; whait for next season, I did not! I have sown some seeds, found some discarded tomato plants and various  other homeless projects!
And as I filled my greenhouse borders with fresh compost, everything is growing like mad!

And I love it!
I have my little radio with good music and really do love being out there. And maby the best part. I can garden in rain, and even in the dark. I have filled it up with small and large parafin and t-light lanterns so that I can actually sort seeds and water my small pots with cuttings even in pitch darkness!

Here in Norway “autumn” is called “høst”, and just now a month ago I understood why. To “harvest” is in Norwgian called  “å høste”. Why I have not thought about this before, probably says a lot about me ; )

I am the very proud owner of this fabulous greenhouse build by me!


This is my new kindergarden! All my young ones will stay here for some weeks or more!

I made this pottingbench and painted it green. I am quite happy with it!

This is the table after I finished making it!

And painted green!

This is some of the tomatoes given to me by a friend with no label, basil and radish!


This sweet pea thinks its still summer! Don´t tell her its not ; )

I really love Sungold. They preform magically good here in cold Norway summer outside. And they taste sooo sweet!


My Shalotts!


I have never dried herbs before so I am just testing if this will work. Herbes in the curtains 🙂 Mint, Salvia and oregano. 🙂


Fresh homemade beautiful Chamomile tea

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