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Sssshhhhh, the plants in my greenhouse does not know its autumn. I have persuaded them to think its late june! 🙂

A month ago I finally got my greenhouse up and running. Not an ideal time of year, and even though people said; whait for next season, I did not! I have sown some seeds, found some discarded tomato plants and various  other homeless projects!
And as I filled my greenhouse borders with fresh compost, everything is growing like mad!

And I love it!
I have my little radio with good music and really do love being out there. And maby the best part. I can garden in rain, and even in the dark. I have filled it up with small and large parafin and t-light lanterns so that I can actually sort seeds and water my small pots with cuttings even in pitch darkness!

Here in Norway “autumn” is called “høst”, and just now a month ago I understood why. To “harvest” is in Norwgian called  “å høste”. Why I have not thought about this before, probably says a lot about me ; )

I am the very proud owner of this fabulous greenhouse build by me!


This is my new kindergarden! All my young ones will stay here for some weeks or more!

I made this pottingbench and painted it green. I am quite happy with it!

This is the table after I finished making it!

And painted green!

This is some of the tomatoes given to me by a friend with no label, basil and radish!


This sweet pea thinks its still summer! Don´t tell her its not ; )

I really love Sungold. They preform magically good here in cold Norway summer outside. And they taste sooo sweet!


My Shalotts!


I have never dried herbs before so I am just testing if this will work. Herbes in the curtains 🙂 Mint, Salvia and oregano. 🙂


Fresh homemade beautiful Chamomile tea

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Normally I sow my tomato seeds in late February or early March, and normally they get looong and leggy. The stems get pale and they finally don’t produce much of anything.
The first three years I had about 60 tomatoes each year, but the last two, I have had fewer and fewer. Also due to the poor summers we have had.

So this year I decided to wait until the end of March, and just a week ago I sowed them (Sungold x 20 seeds), placing them in my warm bathroom window sill. And they germinated and grow good and chubby in just a few days.
This time I will keep them cool and light, and make them give me loads of delicious small yellow sweet tomatoes!


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