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Last winter days

20110327-115024.jpgThis weekend I am spending my last skitrip in the mountains as the winter is leaving!
To get to this lovely cabin, there is a four hour car trip, and a 10 minutes skirun. No water, no electrisity, no car, no noise…
Just hours and hours of relaxation and time to let the thoughts wander.

The snow lays heavy outside, more then one meter deep, it muffels all sounds and makes everything seem clean and fresh! It reveals that both a fox and a hare has run passed the door. I fill buckets with snow and let it transform to water for my washing up.

Breathing outside fills lungs with fresh cold air, and a cold little tingle in the nose makes you want to breath through lips instead.

Yesterday I got 5 hours telemark skiing in the slopes, and got a mild sunburn! I got back to the cabin with red cheeks and tired legs. Slept like a baby in an instant.
Most of the indoor hours here I spend with my nose in gardening books and magazines. This is only interupted by some foodmaking, filling the fireplaces with more wood and lighting of new candles.
It feels really satisfying doing these old but vital tasks, as they used to be done hundred years ago! Feeling connected and wide awake!

Not difficult to do well at yesterdays Earth Hour! More a Earth weekend for me! 🙂
I hope my seedlings at home did not mind that I forgot to set the timer up for earth hour in my potting shed!
I am really looking forward to getting home this evening, prickeling my tomatoes!

As soon as I have filled my car with luggage and skies tonight, this winter is finally over in my book! 🙂

Welcome spring!!

this picture is from last christmas at this cabin!20110327-114739.jpg

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Wishlist for skiingtrip

We are going skiing in two weeks. We have rented a cabin up in the mountains, five days playing and sporting around in the snow! I can´t wait!Picture of the things I wish I had the money to buy before going skiing!

Hoodie from Abercrombie and Fitch
Moisturiser from Murad with tint and spf 15 to protect skin against sun and wind
No more chapped lips with Lip balm from Kiehls
A nice warm throw from John Lewis
Cute  feminin slippers from Sorell
Real Chai from Wittard of Chelsea, add milk!
And I really want Telemark Skies with the new NTN binding

This list is more of a dreamlist than shoppinglist as I dont have the money to buy all these things!

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Gosh I envy people living in a warmer climate then me. That said, I do love snow! This winter has been record cold and tons of snow. From mid December until yesterday not a single day with under -2 degrees celsius.

We have been skiing all winter, and both my husband and my son are now getting quite good at it! I´m rally proud!
I have been skiing for about 10 years now, after a gap of 10 years. Here in Norway all kids learn to go skiing, most at the age of 5. Both cross country and alpine.

My son is now 11 years, and a very good alpine skier. He´s not that fond of cross country 🙂

In a weeken or two, I´m going to Hafjell which is a really good area to go skiing, both alpine and cross country. As I have a blood decease, I am not allowed to go alpine skiing, but as I love cross country I really don`t mind.

Skiing @ Hafjell

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