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Wow, such a great garden this is! I loved the area down by the river bank. The orchard and the nuttery was also big favorites and I could probably stay there on my knees with a camera for hours and hours on end!

What struck me walking around in the wilder parts of this garden was that the set rules that I garden by, is really just bullshit. Alt least for springplantings. Anything goes really. And since snow is such a big part of my year, a little wild mess of springflowering plants and bulbes just makes me feel so free and fresh.

After all, spring is my favorite part of gardening!
So more spring planting this autumn!

See all the pictures from my visist here >



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See all my pictures here >

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So this has been such a great day. A bit struggeling start with no train from Gatwick to Guildford. Used a lot of money on a taxi instead.

I got to Shere at the time I was supposed to pop up at the B&B and god my bag into my room, cup of tea before heading out, hikingboots on!

With rain all day my jacket finally gave up and made me look and feel like a wet cat. But no worries, it did not spoil anything. Well not all true cause my camera got all foggy in protest to all the water flying by. This may have ruined som if not all my photos, but I did save all of it in my head!

I do love the sound of the birds in the hedges, the rabbits bumping away from my path and all the wonderful autumn colors!

Now sitting at the pub with rosy cheeks and a big glass of red wine, i feel really satisfied.
But then my conference up in London tomorrow comes into mind, and I get really freaked out! Nerves is a silly thing!!






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