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So finally I got a whole day out in my garden.
Its all very new to me still, I just bought this house about two years ago. I am still finding new flowers that the previous owners probably neglected for several years. In the end, it was only an old lady, not able to keep the garden due to poor health.
Most of the garden was covered with big Pine and Conifer trees. The needles has been falling for many many years, until two years ago. Then they were cut down. Finally the sun touched the ground, and is now slowly turning it in to life.

This weekend I stayed out for 5 hours in the garden. Starting this season, weeding a very narrow border under my kitchen window. In this border I have two climbing roses Flammentanz, and two Hybrid tea Ingrid Bergman. I also have 40 Daffodils which is peaking out of the soil now, some Snowbells, Crocus, Foxgloves, red and orange Oriental Poppies, a tree Peony, Geraniums and a couple of old tulips. The weeds are really picking up pace, and I had to be quite firm with the hoe. I will make this bed bigger, and replant it with proper plants. I will use this border and others in my garden for project at school.

I met some “good guys” too. Loads of Ladybugs and earthworms. Even though the weather here in Norway is still quite harsh, and the snow still covers 50% of my lawn, the spring is definitely on its way!!

Loads of weeds to handle. The small grass seedlings is quite substantial below the ground!

After weeding the narrow border looks much better. As the border is under a roof I gave it a healthy drink as well! 🙂 Organic of course!

The good guys n girls have started to work! Off you go girls!

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Finally! “Something” is happening in my pot with Bluebell seeds.

This is my third time trying to sow these gorgeous flowers. But oh my, what a slow start!!!

Are they supposed to be r e a l l y slow to grow from seed? I put these in the fridge in the first week of January, took them out 4 weeks ago, and this (see picture) is that has come of them. If anyone have any suggestions or tips about my Bluebells, I`d love to hear from you!

They are now living long days in a kitchen window sill with 20 degrees Celsius. I have a potting shed with plant light and 15 degrees, is that more suitable?Blubell seeds germinating

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Well its not actually a potting shed. its a  small very bright and a bit cold room in my basement. It’s full of shelves with grow light hanging under all of them. This is my second year with this room, and I feel that I know more now than previous years. I have been sowing for quite a while already, and the room will soon be completely full of small pots housing small seedlings!

I do love skiing, but I have to admit getting quite anxious for the snow to leave. We have had 85 cm snow since two weeks before Christmas. The degrees, around minus 10-20 degrees Celsius. Freeeezing cold, but also a lot of fun!

This is my complete seed list so far:

KingFisher Daisy – Felicia bergeriana

Crazy Daisy

Delphiniums `Black Knight`

Hollyhocks – Alcea Rosea `creme de cassis` (germinated)

Tomato Black Russian (germinated)

Tomato Sungold (germinated)

Thyme Thymus serpyllum L (germinated)

African fountain grass – Pennisetum setaceum (germinated)

Tomato Moneymaker

Tomato Gardeners Delight (germinated)

Purple Bell Vine – Rhodochiton atrosanguineum

Viola Tricolor

Harebell – Campanula roundifolia

Baby Blue eyes – Nemophila Menziesii (germinated)


Ricinus Communis (germinated)

Thalictrum rochebrunianum

Anemonopsis macrophylla

Dierama pulcherrimum

Bluebell – Endymion non-scriptus

Astrantia Major

Astrantia Major- Ruby Cloud

Astrantia Maxima

Zinna (germinated)

Nicotina Sylvestris (germinated)

Echinea purpura sattelite mix (germinated)

Knautia Macedonia

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