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So this is quickly becoming one of my favorite desserts.

The wine is the most important thing here. I use the Il Falchetto Brachetto d’Acqui which is made on the grape Brachetto. Its the red sister of the far more famous Muscato. It´s red, light sparkly, and is both sweet and refreshing crisp at the same time. And only 6% alcohol will keep you on top of your game all night long!

The best companion to this wine is a dessert with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. I put fresh or frozen strawberries in a small pan and warm it up carfully. I use 1 teaspoon of sugar in the strawberries. Just to take the edge off.

The combination of this simple dessert with a Brachetto wine really works wonders together. The wine carefully fills your mouth, takes the strawberries and enhances them elegantly.

I´ve tried the wine without the dessert, and its just not the same!

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