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To be perfectly honest, I am off my garden frenzy these days. There is so much out there to be done, but the soil is wet to the core. Not very tempting. But it is still producing flowers. Even though the frost is visiting frequently at night these days.

I love the light of the morning and I am still freezing after taking these pics in my pjs and crocs  🙂


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Have a wonderful weekend!

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Sssshhhhh, the plants in my greenhouse does not know its autumn. I have persuaded them to think its late june! 🙂

A month ago I finally got my greenhouse up and running. Not an ideal time of year, and even though people said; whait for next season, I did not! I have sown some seeds, found some discarded tomato plants and various  other homeless projects!
And as I filled my greenhouse borders with fresh compost, everything is growing like mad!

And I love it!
I have my little radio with good music and really do love being out there. And maby the best part. I can garden in rain, and even in the dark. I have filled it up with small and large parafin and t-light lanterns so that I can actually sort seeds and water my small pots with cuttings even in pitch darkness!

Here in Norway “autumn” is called “høst”, and just now a month ago I understood why. To “harvest” is in Norwgian called  “å høste”. Why I have not thought about this before, probably says a lot about me ; )

I am the very proud owner of this fabulous greenhouse build by me!


This is my new kindergarden! All my young ones will stay here for some weeks or more!

I made this pottingbench and painted it green. I am quite happy with it!

This is the table after I finished making it!

And painted green!

This is some of the tomatoes given to me by a friend with no label, basil and radish!


This sweet pea thinks its still summer! Don´t tell her its not ; )

I really love Sungold. They preform magically good here in cold Norway summer outside. And they taste sooo sweet!


My Shalotts!


I have never dried herbs before so I am just testing if this will work. Herbes in the curtains 🙂 Mint, Salvia and oregano. 🙂


Fresh homemade beautiful Chamomile tea

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Well, normally this time of year the weather is quite unpredictable. Not this year!
What a fabulous weekend we have had, and the forecast is splendid for the next few weeks.  All my meals is eaten outside, and the temperature is so good that t-shirts and skirts is appropriate! 🙂
I am a bit scared that this is the summer will have this year (as we lost the summers to rain the last two years) so I am enjoying it all I can, while I can! I hope you do to!

The last meter of snow went away in about a week, and the week after the crocus was singing. And now the cute Great tit couple is raising its babies in one of my threes. This sure is a wonderful time. I can literally feel the energy pumping in my veins!

Hellebore from seed. Probably three years old, and now finally flowering!

The ohh sooo cute Jeffersonia Dubia is comming along nicely!

Isn´t she lovely in the evening sun? Its like she has a lightbulb inside of her!

My Dwarf Lilac bush has overwintered in a pot and small buds are arriving!

This small plant is going to grow into a pretty Bloodroot. Not very fan of the name, but very good looking!

In my old Kitchen garden this young Rhubarb is holding fort. As the soil there is taken over by the threes in the forest a few meters away, I am going to move it. I wonder when is the best time to move it?

Wood anemone grows everywhere in my garden and beyond, it is sooo beautiful to fill in small vases in the house!

My raised beds will be my new kitchengarden. I will paint the beds with the same gray as the house, but as of now, the main aim is to get sowing. I hope to get this done before I leave on my Easter holiday

My favorite use of Wood anemone

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Finally this years first seedling

So finally my first seedling of the year! Verbena Bonariensis is the first seedling to see light!! Loads of more to come!

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Finally I can really enjoy long days out in the garden.
This weekend I stayed out for more than 12 hours.

I got my new trellis / frame for my beans, peas and Sweet peas up
Made loads of tree rings (removing grass around my trees)
Finished weeding the rose bed (14 meters long)
Watered the newly sown grass and green manure
Watching the birds build their nests in my trees

This is a good weekend for me!

And then I got some school work done. I am studying Garden design in England, and as I am going to London in May for a work conference, I am bringing my first assignment, rather than sending it with an expensive courier. I only hope the ash clouds have disappeared by then!  One of the first tasks in my course is drawing, and that is really hard for me. All the photosynthesis, nomenclature and plant history is peanuts compared to drawing simple plants and gardens. But I will master it! Just you wait and see! 🙂

Some pictures from my beautiful weekend!

Anemone nemorosa

The first flower to get on my bedside table, the lovely Wood anemone - Anemone nemorosa.

This is the frame for my Sweet peas, peas and beans!

Jeffersonia dubia

This is my favorite plant and flower in my garden, the Jeffersonia dubia

My roses have had a tough winter with loads of snow. Still only two of my 57 roses have died this winter. I am celebrating a victory since all of them was planted only last spring. Although surviving, almost all of them has broken "wings". See pic. Ill cut back my roses in a week or two, and I am really looking forward to be moving around in my rose bed without getting caught by thorns all the time!

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So finally my garden tools are ready to help me prepare my beds for spring!!
I have sharpened my knives and secateurs and oiled all wooden parts! Washed the rust away with steel wool. I used the same oil on my secateurs as I use on my bike. Works wonders!

I am ready!!!

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My Shady project

I have a shady spot in my garden that really has been neglected so far. Its facing south, but under big pine trees. I´m trying to figure out which plants to use, saving this spot. This neglected area is messing up the veg plot in front! So this spring, i´ll make a project out of it, and the following plants are up for choosing.

False forget-me-not Brunnera macrophylla’Jack Frost’

Lily of the valley Convallaria majalis

Winter aconite Eranthis hyemalis

Umbrella bamboo Fargesia murieliae

Snowdrop Galanthus nivalis’Viridapice’

Hardy geranium Geranium ‘Johnsons Blue’

Plantain lily Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’

Himalayan blue poppy Meconopsis betonicifolia

Toad lily Tricyrtis hirta

Lungwort Pulmonaria longifolia

As I have mentioned before, I really love the mix of big leaved Hostas and small showerish flowers in light color tones. IE: Lily of the valley, Forget-me-nots and Snowdrops. I hope to make drifts with 3-7 plants of each species. You think this will work?

I would love to have more shade loving plants to choose from! Suggestions will be most appreciated! 🙂

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