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Wow, such a great garden this is! I loved the area down by the river bank. The orchard and the nuttery was also big favorites and I could probably stay there on my knees with a camera for hours and hours on end!

What struck me walking around in the wilder parts of this garden was that the set rules that I garden by, is really just bullshit. Alt least for springplantings. Anything goes really. And since snow is such a big part of my year, a little wild mess of springflowering plants and bulbes just makes me feel so free and fresh.

After all, spring is my favorite part of gardening!
So more spring planting this autumn!

See all the pictures from my visist here >



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Say hallo to my gracious Agapanthus. She is flowering now, a bit odd timing, but better than when she flowered this Christmas. 🙂 She is in the family with Amaryllis which is a Christmas flower, so that might be why she seems a bit confused.  I won´t be fuzzy, she can flower when she like on my account!
I might choose to move her from the greenhouse onto my kitchen table, just to let her shine!


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I took som pictures out in the garden today. It was sunny and warm and I might have got a bit sunburned on my nose 🙂


My Spotty Pulmonaria

Jeffersonia Dubia

Jeffersonia Dubia

The snow white Helleborus

The snow white Helleborus lights up a half shady corner

My best friend Bilbo

My best friend Bilbo

The absolutely gorgeous blue Crocus!

The absolutely gorgeous blue Crocus!


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Hot houses!

20120327-100036.jpgir really is time to get my plants out of the now very warm planteoom in my basement and i to the greenhouse!
I just started it this weekend and I am still a bit worried about the temperature.
I have installed an oven so the nights are good I think. It is the warm sun I am worried about. Even with the roof window wide open the tenperature goes very high during the day. But when I am off to work in the morning it is almost freezing out…
Frustrating! I hope I get better at this!


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I am having such a good time gardening these days. The frost is slowing letting go of my soil, and I can do one more border each weekend. But it is still cold out, so here is a suggestion for some nice gardening clothes 🙂

Early spring gardening

Barbour union jack jacket
€349 – jades24.com

H&M skinny fit jeans
£30 – hm.com

Lace up shoes
$175 – bergdorfgoodman.com

Mulberry pink shawl
$325 – stylebop.com

Medium Mud Gloves
$5.95 – crateandbarrel.com

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Popping by a florist on my way home the other day, I came across these boring twigs in a bucket. But I did recognize the big buds, and run home with a big branch!
After som houres in water and a fresh cut the lower buds started to open.

I now walk over to admire and enjoy it at least five times a day!



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Hiking in the Surrey Hills

While waiting for my next hike!

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My dog Bilbo and me got out to enjoy the first snow!
We where getting a bit nervous that this christmas would be grey, but it seems promising tonight!

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YES, finally! Only one more go on painting the floor and my Potting shed will be finished!
Its very blue, but I am just so sick and tired of white.
Our whole house is nothing but white, so finally some color!

So in a week or two a bench will find its way in here.
Walls covered in tools, shelves and some memories.
The bench should give us plenty of space for potting, waxing skies, fixing windows
and making bird boxes!

The key

This keychain called out to me at the Shere Shop when I was there a couple of weeks ago!

Just one more layer of paint on the floor, and we are good to go!

I have actually grown quite fond of this blue. Its a bit lighter than this picture shows. But still, real blue!

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We are now in November. Its quite different from last year, then the snow was pouring down.
Now we walk around in a warm sweater and tending the borders as if it still was august.

Well most of the flowers know it is not August anymore. They are preforming quite badly, but still… performing.

My Chamomile plants is giving me tea for all winter. It also supplies me with aphids which I am not that happy about.


I cut down my Ruccola plants a month ago, thinking that the season was over, and now I can pick some more!

This Sweatpea is my biggest success this summer was this Tangier Pea. I love it! It has been flowering all summer, and is actually the only flower still going strong.


The salad in the greenhouse is ready to be picked.


My pots is clean and ready for new wonders this winter!

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