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Making a meadow – Help me please!

valmuerI have two small kitchen gardens in my garden. On of them will this year serve as a temporary meadow. I want to sow different colors of either Cosmos or Poppies.

As I want it to return as a kitchen garden next year, so annuals are best.

My lot is east facing, god soil on top 20-30 cm deep, red dry silt underneath. The lot is square 6 meters by 3 meters with path as a cross dividing it into 4 small lots.

I really do love poppies and I have loads of seeds of different kinds and colors (see picture), but I have sown them more then once before without the best success. Often the Californian type has been the easiest.
That is where the Cosmos came in. They always preform well, grow tall and flowers for a really long time.

Any one have any experiences that would help me?
Should I challenge myself and do the Poppies, or should I safe it and go for Cosmos?

Please help!


Here is my first order from Thompson and Morgan. Some for my meadow, and some for my greenhouse and borders!

Items ordered:
1 of Lathyrus odoratus ‘Promise’ – 1 packet
    Code: TT09137
    Price each: £1.99
    Despatch: Within 14 Days
1 of Solanum lycopersicum – 1 packet
    Code: TT01105
    Price each: £2.99
    Despatch: Within 14 Days
1 of Salad : Continental Salad – 1 packet
    Code: TM00159
    Price each: £0.49
    Despatch: Within 14 Days
1 of Cobaea Duo – 2 packets – 1 of each
    Code: T99507P
    Price each: £4.49
    Despatch: Within 14 Days
1 of Cosmos bipinnatus Gazebo Mixed – 1 packet
    Code: TT02026
    Price each: £2.99
    Despatch: Within 14 Days
1 of Papaver rhoeas Picotee Mixed – 1 packet
    Code: TX06973
    Price each: £1.49
    Despatch: Within 14 Days
1 of Papaver somniferum Tallulah Belle Blush – 1 packet
    Code: TM08277
    Price each: £1.99
    Despatch: Within 14 Days
1 of Papaver somniferum Violetta Blush – 1 packet
    Code: TX04250
    Price each: £1.49
    Despatch: Within 14 Days
1 of Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Sensation Mixed’ – Part of the Alan Titchmarsh
Collection – 1 packet
    Code: TA01367
    Price each: £1.99
    Despatch: Within 14 Days
1 of Plant Labels
    Code: TZ14383
    Price each: £0.49
Your Order Summary:
Subtotal Goods: £20.40
P&P:             £4.99
Total:          £25.39


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To be perfectly honest, I am off my garden frenzy these days. There is so much out there to be done, but the soil is wet to the core. Not very tempting. But it is still producing flowers. Even though the frost is visiting frequently at night these days.

I love the light of the morning and I am still freezing after taking these pics in my pjs and crocs  🙂


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Have a wonderful weekend!

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